"It starts with me. I do my work that I have to do, my healing--and I heal, I pass along some of it to you. And that's how this thing works. As I receive healing myself, and I facilitate your healing, we both heal."

My approach to Trauma Touch was carried largely upon a combination of a great trust in Shea, and a simple curiosity in the central premise of Trauma Touch Therapy.  The notion that our bodies would retain the traumas inflicted upon it seemed straightforward and intriguing. But, being cautious, I approached the sessions with what might be expressed as a willing agnosticism.


To my considerable surprise, the results were noticeable from the outset, and increased in effect over the course of the ten sessions.  By the end there were significant results, with even areas of long forgotten trauma illuminated, and healing brought to them.


And then, in contrast to many therapies, it was concluded.


This former agnostic is now a believer. For me Trauma Touch Therapy as practiced by Shea Atkin was the real deal. I recommend her and TTT with enthusiasm

Allison D.

Where does a healer go when they need healing? If they’re lucky, to Shea Atkin! Whenever I make my way to her office, I find a new way to experience healing in my body. The depth of her training gives her the ability to help me shift whatever I’m holding onto. I’m grateful that she’s got so many resources available to help me maintain my overall wellness.

Robin Dunn Bryant

After a particularly rough year, I found myself face down on Shea's table and when I say it was the first time in YEARS that my body was in a state of relaxation, I can not stress it enough. I honestly felt like my body was hovering over the table when all was said and done.
Not bad after having been told 'i have never felt a body more tense than yours' moments before the massage began.

Matt Burke

Shea is one of the most kind and caring people I've had the privilege of getting to know. And her ability to empathize and understand what your mind and muscles are going through makes her a highly effective practitioner. I recommend 100% of my patients to her capable hands! Please make an appointment with her NOW! You wont be let down!

Dr. Robert Callahan

She helps me breathe better, think better, and feel a whole lot less stressed. Thank you for helping me hit the reset button. I had no clue I needed you as much as I did. Ahhh, the relief!

Audrey Dunlap

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