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Treatment plans may include recommended sessions with my colleague, Robin Dunn Bryant, the owner of Whole Self Wellness. Our joined modalities offer our clients robust support throughout their healing journeys. Clients will learn to trauma proof their lives by relieving their physiological responses to trauma with me and by learning maintenance modalities to raise their resilience with Robin. 


Robin incorporates guided journaling, meditation and Trauma Release Exercises into a somatic coaching offering that helps people reclaim themselves and their voices, rediscover what it is that they truly want, and repattern their lives so that they can live in alignment with their authentic selves. Her practice offers what I felt was missing from mine and she is equally excited to be offering her clients the deep physiological release they can receive from my somatic work. We are looking forward to becoming the trauma response team for clients looking to heal from developmental or shock trauma. 


If you don't need trauma-informed work and are looking for a provider, I wholeheartedly recommend these therapists


Jennifer Mason
(850) 443-0329


Linda McCue
(850) 545-3978


Regina Franklin
(850) 933-0953


Ryan Sullivan
(850) 545-3949


Melissa Wright
(850) 443-2397


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