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Before working with Shea, I was dissociated and had constant pain in my right hip. My body was so locked up that I couldn’t walk properly. I was very stiff and uncomfortable, and I had a host of digestive problems. I tried to remedy these issues using foam rollers, massage, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and MRIs. 


It felt like I made no progress in learning what was wrong with me. I couldn’t find a professional to discover how I could live more comfortably in my own body. Basically, I felt hopeless.


Working with Shea felt so different from the very first meeting. I felt like I was in a safe enough environment and that I could trust her enough to let go and trust the process of Somatic Therapy. I did not feel judged or anything negative about the experience. 


I started to feel hope soon after Shea began working on me during my first visit. I felt the tightness and uncomfortableness I always seem to be carrying begin to release. When she started to work on the areas of my body that had suffered trauma, memories and realizations began to surface. I was able to connect the dots of why I dissociated from my body in the first place, and Shea allowed me to talk about what my body was telling me. It was the first time I was in tune enough with my body to listen to it. 


I started realizing that my body kept and remembered everything traumatic that happened to it, even if I forgot or ignored it. It was an extremely healing experience, both emotionally and physically. When I got off the table, the physical results were immediately noticeable. The muscle tightness I had been carrying for had been released. My neck felt longer, my back was straighter, and I could stretch and walk in a whole new way. I actually felt fully present in my body for the first time ever in my life. It was like having a spiritual experience that I thought was going to disappear and everything would go back like it was before, but it didn’t! I was blown away. 


What my life looks like now is nothing short of a miracle. With each visit, I just kept getting more in tune with my body and the healing of my trauma, both physically and emotionally. I lost 45 pounds because I was able to feel my body and what it needed. Continuing the sessions with Shea made sure that as my body changed, I kept it in a healthy place and continued to heal any trauma that needed to be healed. I can run now! And that is because my hip muscle does not remain tight. I feel fully centered. I will never forget when I first realized I could feel the bottom of my feet on the ground, connecting me with my center. Also, my sacrum is open, and it has changed my life! 


I love how Shea takes her time, truly listens to what my body is telling her, and then focuses on areas that need focus. It is magical. I would not have the level of happiness and healing I do today if I had not started working with Shea over a year ago. I will forever be grateful and will forever seek to have Somatic Therapy as a part of my life.

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