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Completing a Trauma Touch Therapy series with Shea was a turbo boost to my healing. Not only did it start to deepen the work I was doing in my traditional talk therapy, but it also leveled up my ability to show up, be present, and stay aware of my needs and wants in all my relationships--personal and professional.


As a recovering control freak with a fear of letting my guard down with other people, this was a welcomed boot camp. (Or maybe, more accurately, immersion therapy.) There isn't a manual. Everyone's experience is different. The shifts were subtle but powerful. And Shea didn't tell me what to do. I had to tune in to what I needed, learn to ask for it, and just practice BEING SEEN by someone else--really being in the room and the space and in connection with someone. Not while picking at my fingernails or thumping my leg or checking my phone or drifting away in my thoughts or compulsively talking or otherwise performing and distracting myself.


Shea is smart, safe, compassionate, patient, silly when needed, and deeply talented in noticing shifts and asking the right questions. I've been on a therapeutic journey a long time. And while finding this tool earlier on would have been amazing, it still knocked plenty loose for me in terms of making new connections between my past, my body, my instincts (for better and for worse), and the opportunities for them all to make more peace with each other.

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