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I felt like I needed something to help me break through the invisible, unnamed thing that was holding me back and keeping me anxious, stifled, and scared. I didn’t know how to be myself  - the version of me that I am today, not ten years ago. I knew there was something else inside of me, but I couldn’t name it or tell you how I knew that. I also knew there was some familial trauma and intuitively wanted to stop that energy and try to heal from it, but I didn’t have the vocabulary to explain that at the time. I just knew I needed to shift everything. 


I tried traditional talk therapy, working out, yoga, and meditation. It felt like I’d have five or ten minutes of a breakthrough, but nothing lasted, and none of the good-feeling stuff translated off the meditation mat and into my “real” life. 


It is almost unexplainable the difference I felt working with Shea. I felt a relaxation like I’ve never felt before. I went into what felt like an uplifting trance. I laughed until I cried. I cried until I laughed. I heard clear and loving messages. At a few points, it almost felt like I was levitating. Finally, at the very end of our last session, I took the biggest breath I’ve ever taken in my life and let it go. It was extraordinary. I said out loud, “That’s the thing. That’s what I came here for.”  I didn’t feel like everything was going to be okay; I knew it. 


When I came into one of my appointments with Shea, and felt completely relaxed, confident, and in control of my WHOLE self: professional, financial, spiritual, emotional. All the different parts of me agreed that life was good, I was in charge, and it was all going to be okay. 


I am conscious of my thoughts and can redirect myself if I get angry, feel hurt, or get scared. Physical pain that I associated with sore muscles has slowly evaporated, and I feel a sense of deeper calm and wellness. I feel more confident and relaxed. It’s as if everything has shifted just slightly. Those shifts, when added together, have been transformational.

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