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I’d been dealing with chronic pain for a really long time. I’d tried chiropractic work and yoga and felt like I was spending money and time without getting desired results.


In sessions with Shea, I experienced visions, shared them with her, and my body responded quite wonderfully. Additionally, I often shared parts of my current life and history which have then become a part of the healing process.


Throughout the process, healing and integration were occurring. During the time I was having sessions with Shea, I was also ending a 2-year cycle of dental treatments. At the end of the dental treatments, I began to feel more at ease and as if my body was getting what she needed.


My life today is quite different from when I started the process. My dentist commented to me on my last visit that he feels that I am very tuned in to what my body is feeling and how to verbalize those feelings. Having a safe space with Shea enabled me to be friends with my body and respect her needs.

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