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Metaphysically speaking, I think I always have been a healer. Our wounds and experiences transform us into who we are. My mom was in massage school while I was in high school. When I turned 18, she made an appointment for me to see her massage therapist. I loved it so much and wanted to go to school for massage as well. I couldn't imagine a more amazing profession than one that could help people feel better. I started massage therapy school soon after and fell deeply in love with the practice.


One day during my own appointment the rape that I blocked out of memory for 7 years surfaced fully and unapologetically. That defining moment confirmed that that memory was stored in muscle and symptoms present psychosomatically and that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping heal others from this as I continued to heal myself from multiple layers of trauma. I continued working with my clients and sought out training that would help me support them and myself through the process of healing.


When I was newly sober, and working on healing my own shock and developmental trauma, I took an intensive Trauma TouchTM Therapy workshop. Over the 10 years I’d been working as a massage therapist, I had so many clients who would come in with chronic pain, abuse histories, and medical anomalies and wanted a modality that could address these somatic issues. 


Countless clients would have emotional releases. I knew there HAD to be more that I could do to help. After taking the intensive workshop, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to be doing and this is what was missing from my practice. Concurrently, I was working on healing from my own shock and developmental trauma after being newly sober. I came back to Tallahassee and did my case studies and got certified as Trauma Touch Therapist. 


Becoming a certified Trauma Touch Therapist helped me deepen my practice and I began to practice with a trauma-informed lens, even if I wasn't doing Trauma Touch, A few years later I added Craniosacral Therapy, a gentle trauma modality that regulates the nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid, to my practice, which allows me to more safely see clients who came to me while still in active addiction. Clients with psychosomatic pain, anxiety and TMJ dysfunction, among others, responded extremely positively to Craniosacral Therapy.


I have been practicing somatic therapy since 2001 and am a licensed massage therapist and trauma touch therapist. I have my own personal experience with addiction, trauma and recovery so the work I do is a result of my healing work and now I get to help others on their journey as I am able to empathize and identify.

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